au: tellywood recast of teen wolf

rithvik dhanjani (scott mccall) - a true alpha werewolf who strives to protect the people he loves
sapna pabbi (allison argent) - comes from a family of werewolf hunters and eventually becomes the leader of her family, she states a new code, “to protect those who cannot protect themselves”
vikrant massey (stiles stilinski) - quick witted, comical and clever, he helps scott deal with numerous supernatural threats they face
karan singh grover (derek hale) - a werewolf by birth, he teaches scott how to control his abilities
surbhi jyoti (lydia martin) - beautiful and extremely intelligent, she possesses mysterious supernatural abilities and is revealed to be a banshee

WTF bollywood moments
 ; name your joint Manali, lose “her”, and freak the hell out.
Is htp good to watch? I mean ppl told me to watch it so thoughts?

Hey Anon :) This is the first time someone is asking me for my thoughts about a movie, so I’m gonna try to make it clear. Just remember : I’m french, my English it’s not as well as I think.

First of all, I don’t like the movie. So for me it’s a simple : don’t watch it, it’s really a waste of time. This was so weird that I had to put an end at the movie after one hours. I didn’t finish it.

The massive problem of the movie was the script : seriously it was too much. There is a gap of seven years between the first meet and the second. SEVEN FUCKING YEARS. I can’t remember everyone I met seven years ago, how can those two ?? (yay I know they are made or each others bla bla bla but the first meet wasn’t extraordinary.) There was so many cliché unnecessary in this movie. Really. There is nothing new in this love triangle. But of course Nikhil waited SEVEN YEARS to marry Karishma… Can someone tell me how old they are and why isn’t he already married with two kids ? And then the way Nikhil fall in love with Meeta… No one would ever fall in love with someone that weird and if the message was : He look beyond that, I just want to say : NOT POSSIBLE. Meeta was a bunch of excuse to made us feel sorry for her. Like that we can be attached to her but it didn’t work with me. The entire character wasn’t realistic at all. The entire movie wasn’t realistic at all. I don’t know if is there a better explanation of her behaviour at the end of the movie, but for me it was really not good. I was waiting the movie to see more of Parineeti and Siddharth. I can say now that Siddharth was as expressionless as in his first movie and Parineeti was overacting. I can’t even understand how people liked the movie. I don’t know. But me ? My head exploded.